About Us

SD Tech SMS Uganda is an information provider in the field of Technology Sevices and Advertisement Solutions.

Our goal is to achieve IT services leadership by facilitating value-added top quality marketing solutions for our clients in particular horizontal as well as vertical sectors, by combining our technology skill, domain expertise, with a committment that would help us to establish long term relationship with our clients.

We at SD Tech spend a great deal of time, effort, & money in updating our technical and media skills to bring safe and reliable resolutions for our clients.

We are a Marketing and IT solution organization rolled into one, working towards offering unique strategy intergration, technological and creative implementation, which can have maximum impact on the business of our clients business performance.

You get various benefits of using our services. We provide you the best way to communicate and make your presence felt across the desired circle. We assure you 24/7 of continuous service without any interruptions so that you can use BulkSMS in Uganda at your convenience.